Choosing the Right Attitude

Posted on December 20, 2006. Filed under: Blog--All categories, Management development |

“It’s going to be a great day!” My brother-in-law starts each day with these words. Why? Because he’s learned the power of choosing his attitude.

Circumstances happen during our day and events occur that have the ability to change our view of how the day is going. For instance, consider a rather ho-hum day at work. You might be plodding through your tasks with no particular joy or energy; you’re just getting through them. And then something good happens–perhaps you receive a compliment from someone you trust and respect. Perhaps you get good news about something in your personal life. After that, do you perk up? Does your attitude get a little sunnier?

This attitude shift occurred because of your reaction to some external event. However, if we say it takes an external event such as an unexpected compliment or some good news to give us that sunny attitude, then we are saying we are controlled by those external forces. In truth, we choose to respond differently as a result of that external action or event. And if we can choose a positive response in those situations, why can’t we choose a positive response in other situations?

We can. And my brother-in-law does. By starting each day with a positive commitment to the day being great, he is choosing how he will respond to the situations he encounters during the day. Each of us has the ability to do that. Just as each of us has the ability to choose to respond negatively to the events that occur during our day.

This morning before getting out of bed I said out loud, “It’s going to be a great day.” And it is. No matter what happens, today will be great–because I have the ability to choose my attitude in response to the events that are going to occur today. And since I’ve chosen to have a good attitude, most likely the people I encounter will experience someone who is a tad more pleasant than she was yesterday. And hopefully I’ll be able to handle the situations I encounter with a better attitude–regardless of what they are. I’ll let you know!


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