Getting it Right the First Time: Solving your staffing issues

Posted on February 2, 2007. Filed under: Blog--All categories, Staff selection |

In this week’s Workforce Development ezine, the question once again arises about outsourcing human resource functions. I like the diplomatic responses the authors of Workforce Development give—they never come right out and say, “You idiot, you still have to know what you want in an employee. You can’t just outsource and expect magic to happen!”

No, the authors instead provide long, detailed responses that inspire the questioner to think beyond the issue and to make a decision about outsourcing they won’t regret.

Outsourcing human resource activities seems like a good idea … on the surface. But the fact remains that you and your company must know exactly what you want in an employee for the HR firm to bring you viable prospects. If you can’t create a specific list of attributes, they can’t narrow the playing field.

Job Benchmarking is key to narrowing that playing field. In this process, stakeholders for the position you want to fill identify the attributes, activities, responsibilities, and desires the person in the vacant position should have. We do this without a particular candidate in mind. Rather, we look at the position from an objective perspective and come up with a list of specific, measurable, tangible accountabilities for the person who holds that job. Then we use assessment tools to generate a report identifying the skills and abilities our candidate must have.

Clients who use the benchmarking process report: longer retention, better qualified employees, and greater satisfaction—both from the manager/peer side as well as from the employee side. Overall, these clients—because of benchmarking the jobs—are getting the right people into the right jobs the first time.

To find out more about job benchmarking, click on the Assessments and Benchmarking tab … or call me to find out more: Tracy (775)544-8479.


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