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Tip #9–Give respect … always!

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No matter what we may think of the other person, it’s always the right thing to show respect. We show respect by our tone of voice, the words we choose, and the body language we use. Keep you voice neutral, choose you words carefully, and watch those eyeballs! No rolling the eyes in response to someone’s comments–regardless of what we really think of them.

Gosh, I sound like my mother! How many times did she get after me for giving her attitude? Too many to count. And as a kid, I was baffled by how she knew what I was thinking! Later on, as an adult in the workforce, I figured it out: it was the eye rolls, the heavy sighs, the inflection in my voice. If I heard “It’s not what you said; it’s how you said it that got you in trouble” once, I heard it a thousand times. Darn, why couldn’t I get a grip so I could stop getting in trouble?

It’s no different in the workplace today. People we work with aren’t very good at disguising their feelings toward others at work. The sighs, rolling eyes, word choice, and fidgety behavior all send a message to others we’re communicating with. Unfortunately, that message may be one that later causes us problems.

No matter what we think of others personally or professionally, they still deserve to be treated with respect. Heck, not everyone likes us, right? But we expect to be treated with respect when we voice our ideas and contribute to the conversation at work. And if we expect to be treated with respect, it’s safe to assume that others do, too.

We can do much for improving the overall climate of a work atmosphere by committing to giving respect to others always. We become the models for professionalism and set the standard of expectation when we do so.

So keep the eye rolls and sighs to yourself, and compose your outward behaviors to those you’d like to receive yourself. Yes, I know–easier said than done. But still worth the effort!

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